Happy World Compliment Day! It's always makes someone feel good when they receive a sincere compliment.

World Compliment Day 2018 #liveinmt #saysomething

Here are some compliments you can give someone about their home:

1. What a lovely entryway.

2. Your countertops are great with the wall color.

3. The guest bath is so tidy.

4. Your living room is comfortable.

5. The kitchen seems like a nice place to cook a meal.

6. This home seems like a cozy place for entertaining and gatherings.

7. What a nice light fixture. It brings the right ambiance to the space.

8. What a convenient location.

9. I like the size of your home. 

10. I noticed that your home... 

What compliments have you received about your home? Did you give any compliments to any one that they had a big reaction to? Share your stories with us in a comment or on social media using #liveinmt #worldcomplimentday