The fly fishing in Craig, Montana is Blue Ribbon and so is the real estate.

When you think about it, though, there just aren't that many places to build a home near Craig.

With several conservation easements in place, large family ranches, public ground and steep canyon rock, the places upon which to build are fewer than 100 and that's with about 80% of that already having been built.

Brad and I currently have six homes and lots listed and on the market.

Over the last few years and months, we have sold six homes and lots.

At present, I know of only four buildable lots for sale, between Craig and the Hardy Creek Bridge.

If supply is limited, and we know it is, and the demand is high, and we know it is, and the market is favorable, with low interest rates and a more robust economy, I'd say it is time to BUY.

When you do, please contact Brad and I. We intimately know the river, the ground and the fish...